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In the current era, the word program does not only anchor its references to party organizations and business meetings, or even events. Some individuals would anticipate that upon hearing the term, it is somehow interrelated with the computer world and other aspects of technology.

However, despite the countless times we’ve heard the term “program”, the definition of the term remained to be elusive to the understanding of some individuals even though given the reality that this century has widely adopted the advancements in technologies, knitting it in almost every daily activity.

A program, according to CJ Ganier , is a set of instructions that are grouped together to accomplish a task or tasks. According to him, “The instructions, called machine code or assembly code consist of things like reading and writing memory, arithmetic operations, and comparisons. While these instructions sound simple, it is actually possible to solve a huge group problems with them. The difficulty in doing so is that you must specify in exact detail precisely how. Good programming is both an art and a science, and what you will learn today is a beginning of the craft.”

In addition, a site on xref-a-utility-program, made mention of XREF, which according to the mentioned site is Xref is a utility program which creates a file containing the locations of identifiers used in your C and C++ programs which runs on an IBM PC with MS-DOS.

CJ Ganier also added in the article: “The individual instructions that the machine actually quite simple or low-level in computer parlance. Writing complex programs in assembly code took such a long time that eventually better programming languages were invented. A programming language, like C, is a formal set of grammar and syntax like assembly code; but the instructions in high-level languages encompass hundreds of assembly instructions. Programs called compilers translate a program written in a higher level language into assembly so that the computer can actually execute the instructions. Compilers let the programmer write programs so that humans can read them easily while the computer can still execute the instructions.”

In sum, a program in any form does not evolve merely out of thin air as the language per se requires an appropriate amount of knowledge, understanding, and analysis.