What is Xref?

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Adapting to technology can be considered a beneficial step especially if you are running a business which calls for new means in order to gain the desired and target profit in the long run. One of the most common recipients is a business which runs round and along the virtual world.

Basically, XREF by web definition is an instance within a document which refers to related information elsewhere in the same document. XREF will examine the text of the page and proceed to look for predefined key terms within it in the event that it is included in the webpage. After which a specific key term is found, the script will then convert the term into a clickable link wherein it would also go to a pre-defined URL according to Dan Ragle.

He added that such mechanism is beneficial especially among webpages that tackles about a specific topic who’s already on the verge of traffic building in order to make way for the inclusion of links on the pages and back to the reference points whenever the main topic is mentioned in the webpage’s posts. According to Ragle, it would also yield some benefits towards the readers or site visitors since the pages they point to will provide the necessary and additional information which may not be readily available within the current page read and examined by the visitors.

XREF can make way for a more informative approach for the readers particularly. Unfamiliarity of the system may create an alley of confusion for the web host and so it raises the bar of necessity when it comes to retrieving the essential information about the said technology which could then be acquired through books, journals, and other available sites in the internet which deals on the subject matter.